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Dr. Elizabeth Taddiken

Naturopathic Doctor

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When it comes to helping patients heal, I’ve learned that much of what we work on is the understanding of how the simplest and most gentle treatments can be all that is needed.

It is a pleasure to share helpful tips and tools that can help patients take the steps necessary for long-lasting health for them and their families.

I am honored to join my colleagues in Health Talks 365 to share the same details with you as I do with my patients when it comes to maintaining the health of you and your family naturally.

Elizabeth Taddiken


Dr. Elizabeth Taddiken is a licensed naturopathic physician at Rockwood Natural Medicine Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. She practices general family medicine with a focus on women’s health, infertility, and pediatrics.

Dr. Taddiken received her Bachelor of Art in Fine Art and her Bachelor of Science in Applied Biological Science from Arizona State University.  Throughout her life, Dr. Taddiken has been surrounded by the preventative medicine community.  It was only later that she learned of the all-encompassing practice of naturopathic medicine, and after many successful treatments, as well as 2 healthy births guided by naturopathic physicians, she had a calling to pursue her doctorate in naturopathic medicine.  She received her doctorate from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences and is licensed to practice medicine in Arizona.

Dr. Taddiken has a passion for the roots of naturopathic medicine, called nature cure.  She approaches all patient cases with individualized attention, finding the root cause of illness with the understanding that no two cases are alike.  In practice, Dr. Taddiken will use many of the naturopathic modalities, including hydrotherapy, homeopathy, botanical medicine, nutritional medicine, and acupuncture.

She is a member of the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association, the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and the Naturopathic Medicine Institute.


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Dr. Taddiken is extremely kind, knowledgeable, patient and thorough. I adore her style. She has helped my family and I quite a bit!


Dr.Elizabeth Taddiken is a fantastic doctor! She is very knowledgeable and extremely caring and kind, everything you want in a doctor but struggle to find in today's fast paced times. She is well versed in treating complex medical conditions as well as seasonal colds/illnesses. She also specializes in women's health and pediatrics. Very highly recommended!


My son and I have been patient's of Rockwood and Dr Taddiken for a bit over a year now. I am super happy with her and will continue to go to her. She is an amazing Dr.


“...I had my initial appointment with Dr. Elizabeth Taddiken to discuss the issues I was going through and she was SO detailed in asking me questions (things you wouldn't even think correlated with each other) and was so genuinely invested in improving my quality of life. I started treatment with a slew of naturopathic remedies that she customized for me based off of my symptoms. With the weakened immune system that I had, it took a lot of faith for me to trust someone given the antibiotic I was put on ruined my life. People think that "natural" medicine doesn't work but literally within just a few days I already started to feel better than I had in months. After a few weeks I was back to normal, pre-sickness. I cannot rave about Dr. Taddiken enough! She is the most knowledgable, gentle and kind Dr. i've ever dealt with and her attention to detail and ability to listen to me and my body was incredible. I am so pleased to report that since being treated by her, I have not been sick ONE TIME!...”


Dr. Taddiken is a wonderful doctor with a great bedside manner. She took the time to listen to us in every visit and treated my daughter’s condition until she figured out the best treatment for her. I’m so glad we came to her. She’s very good at answering your emails and getting back to you with any questions you might have. I absolutely recommend her!


Dr. Taddiken is extremely kind, knowledgeable, patient and thorough. I adore her style. She has helped my family and I quite a bit!


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