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Dr. Eli Camp

Eli Camp, ND, DHANP trained in naturopathic medicine at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ. She lectures across the country at numerous health conferences, public school districts and to the community in general regarding the topics of health and the practice of homeopathy.

She serves as a preceptor for students from various fields of healthcare and as a mentor, consultant and coach to other Naturopathic Doctors to help them establish and become successful in private practice.

Her memberships include the Oklahoma Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OKANP), the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians (HANP) and the Naturopathic Medicine Institute (NMI). In addition to membership, Dr. Camp served as Vice-President and President of the New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors, Treasurer of the Florida Naturopathic Physicians Association and currently serves on the Board of the HANP and the NMI.

She resides in Oklahoma with her 2 grandchildren, husband and 4-legged friend, Asia.

The physician’s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, 1810


Dr. Eli Camp is a 2005 graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) in Tempe, AZ. Prior to attending medical school, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Botany at the University of Oklahoma in 2000. After graduating from SCNM she went into private practice where she focuses on family medicine and children with autism.

Dr. Camp lectures across the country and internationally at numerous health conferences, public school districts and to the community in general regarding the topics of health and the practice of homeopathy and vitalism. She routinely teaches business at the North American naturopathic medical schools and runs a private, in-depth 1-year homeopathic training program.

In 2008, she founded Medicine Talk which educates the public about Naturopathic Medicine and Medicine Talk Professional which offers business resources and services to students and NDs. In 2017, she and Dr. Judith Thompson founded Vital Health Publishing to publish works created by vitalistic naturopathic doctors. She and Thompson are the co-authors of The Unvaccinated Child: A Treatment Guide for Parents and Caregivers.

Dr. Camp is of Cherokee descent and remains active within the tribe to mentor and educate those individuals interested in pursuing an allied health profession and seeking to learn a more traditional way of medicine. She currently serves on the boards of the Naturopathic Medicine Institute and the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians.

Her passion is bringing the knowledge of what is possible to create hope for people seeking optimal health.


The Townsend Family
London, United Kingdom

Dr. Camp asked me if I would write a testimonial for people who might be considering Naturopathic Medicine as a choice for their health and the health of their family. In general, I would say that choosing to restore health was something that I always wanted to do I just did not know that was what I was looking for. I was always thinking of medicine as what needed to be done to deal with the symptoms, thinking that by treating the symptoms, we were restoring health. Wow - when I look back now I realize how simple it was, how right-in-front-of-my-eyes it was and I just did not see it. On a personal note - working with Dr. Camp has changed our lives. We have 5 children, two of them are twins, both diagnosed with Autism at age 3 following a series of vaccinations. They were perfectly normal 2 year olds, developing well, speaking basic language, interacting, playing, just overall typical kids. They became ill with ear infections and were given antibiotics. Shortly after that, a few weeks or so, it was time for them to get their MMR vaccines - so being good parents, we did what we were told. Within 48 hours, our beautiful babies could not speak, would sit and scream, stopped sleeping, would not eat and stopped playing with us, themselves and the other children. A few months after that they were diagnosed with Autism. We were offered a variety of treatments (drugs) but about the same time we were told about Dr. Camp by a friend who is a pediatrician and who had worked with other children treated by we called. This was in 2009 and now, 3 years later in 2012, we still have work to do, but, our children are talking and are clearly returning to the world. No longer are they lost in that world of Autism, you know, the one where they are just not present. She treats the rest of our family as well - and we could not be happier. If you are thinking about working with an ND or using homeopathy for your health - give it a chance, it carries so much potential for real health. We were blessed and I pray you find this blessing too.

Deb Cross
New Hampshire

I've spent 40 years of my life searching for a doctor like Dr. Camp. What makes Dr. Camp so special and unique you might ask? It's because Dr. Camp is the "real deal". Dr. Camp's honesty, integrity, compassion, ability to go the "extra miles" (yes plural) for her patients plus her innate ability to really "hear" what her patients are sharing with her is what makes Dr. Camp such a unique and rare experience in the medical field. In the truest sense of the word Dr. Camp is a " healer". Dr. Camp's professionalism and medical knowledge is beyond reproach. I feel so blessed to have the privilege to be one of Dr. Camp's patients and I thank God every day for placing Dr. Camp in my life. Because of the health and wellness that Dr. Camp brings to her patients Dr. Camp's patients have the potential to have their minds, body and spirit restored to optimum health. Thank you God and thank you Dr. Camp.

Cassidy Delisle

My son's healing journey has not been easy. He was diagnosed with autism when he was almost 3 that was 7 years ago. We have been working with Dr. Camp for 3 years and gone through lots of remedies, supplements, diet changes, even the way I clean house. I remember how overwhelming it felt not being sure if I could actually follow through with all the changes. It sounded like way more than any one woman could do. So I just started with one thing at a time and moved to the next when I was comfortable with it. Through the remedy changes I have watched my son make some huge Communication gains. Just today I told him he needed a hair cut and he said no. So I asked him why not? He said "because I like it long." I said i know you like it long but it is in your eyes and over your ears it is too long. He replied, "oh fine mom. Cut a little here (pointing to his bangs) and cut a little here (pointing to his sides) and cut a little here (pointing to his neck line) But everything else long, ok mom?" Who knew that 3 tiny pellets could cause this amazing change in how he communicated. Oh and when i finished his haircut he looked in the mirror and said "thats it mom its perfect!" Days like today make all the hard work worth it!

Amy Richardson of The Richardson Family

Here are a few words for my doctor and good friend, Eli Camp. I was raised in a very healthy way - good food, little to no medications, good energy practices, yoga, meditation, and all that hippy stuff 🙂 Homeopathy was something my mother used for colds, flus, bruises, cuts, bites and so I knew about this and have used it with my children. When my son became ill and stayed ill, he had seizures, and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with him but wanted to try various drugs, I looked around for a homeopath and found Eli. He was treated by her for a couple of years - the seizures went away quickly but there were some other things to address. I write this in 2013 and it has been 4 years since we have seen her except for the occasional remedy - He is seizure free, no other issues, and we are so grateful that I felt I needed to tell our story as short and sweet as it is. I know there is a lot of controversy about homeopathy out there and that many docs just really don't believe in it...but it does work, it is a science and regardless of what anyone says, just because you do not know how something works does not mean it does not work. Thank goodness for Eli - and we are happy to say everyone here is well!

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