Sleep Remedies for Kids

By Dr. Anne Dericks



About This Lesson

Children are being affected by the Pandemic in many ways. In this module, Dr. Dericks talks about how much sleep is required for children of various ages and how to recognize that they are not getting enough sleep. She goes through step by step instructions on various home remedies and solutions to help improve your child’s sleep behavior.

In This Lesson

  • Understand what insomnia is and how to recognize it in your child.
  • Learn about the proper sleep guidelines for children of various ages.
  • Recognize the signs of a child who is not getting enough sleep.
  • Discover common causes of insomnia in children.
  • Explore various natural remedies and strategies to help children sleep.

Lesson Expert

Dr. Anne Dericks

Naturopathic Doctor, Specializing in OBGYN & Pediatrics

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