How Healthy Are You and Is It “Healthy Enough”? – Part 2

Dr. Elizabeth Taddiken



About This Lesson

Do you feel that you are a person who is health conscious most of the time, but you also like to enjoy life and love food? Do you look at your kids and wonder if you are giving them enough healthy foods but also letting them enjoy some not so healthy snacks? Do you consider other factors like sleep, environment, supplements, socializing, and exercise? In this 2 part series, Dr. Taddiken gives you some guidelines on how to evaluate if you are healthy enough for you!

In This Lesson

  • Define: What is health to you?
  • Understand what “getting sick” means to your immune system.
  • Learn how to evaluate what you eat and drink.
  • Understand core areas to gauge your health: bowel movements, sleep, movement, relaxation, mental/emotional health, and home environment.

Lesson Expert

Dr. Elizabeth Taddiken

Naturopathic Doctor, Specializing in Family Medicine

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