Fevers 101: What Every Parent Needs To Know

By Dr. Anne Dericks



About This Lesson

Dr. Dericks describes what a fever is, how it is beneficial to the body, and the danger signs to watch for. Learn how to support a child through a fever, at home, naturally, and learn the truth about some common “Fever Myths”.

In This Lesson

  • Describe the importance and benefits of fevers.
  • Learn how to recognize a fever and when it has become dangerous.
  • Understand how to take a child’s temperature with different types of thermometers.
  • Be able to support a child through a fever, naturally, at home.
  • Learn the truth about some common “fever myths”.

Lesson Expert

Dr. Anne Dericks

Naturopathic Doctor, Specializing in OBGYN & Pediatrics

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