Blood Type Diet 101

By Dr. Samm Pryce



About This Lesson

There are many factors that contribute to good health and many that lead us down the road to poor health. The factors that lead to better health include eating foods that nourish and feed our body, exercise, sleep, hydration, stress management, supportive community and a clean environment. The food factor is a cornerstone of health. Eating according to your blood type has helped millions of people around the world use food as medicine and increase their health. In this Health Lesson, Dr. Pryce reviews the basics of the “Eating Right For Your Blood Type Diet”.

In This Lesson

  • Understand the basics of the blood type diet.
  • Learn what strengths, weaknesses, medical risk factors, diet profile, exercises and supplements are recommended for each blood type: A, B, O and AB.

Lesson Expert

Dr. Samm Pryce

Naturopathic Doctor, Specializing in Concierge Medicine

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