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Some of these Lessons are free, no sign up required. While you can access the Lesson, to get notes, audio downloads, quizzes and course certificates, free membership is required.
The premium Lessons are marked with a crown. These lessons require a paid subscription.

The Health Basics

These Lessons create a foundation to understand what "health" is and to assess your basic level of health. Free and premium members can access lesson notes, a quiz, audio files for on-the-go listening, and a certificate of completion.


These Lessons focus on what a person can do to support their body and mind during times of quarantine and pandemic restrictions. Learn how to use basic natural medicine to support the body.

Foundations of Health

Lessons that focus on specific parts of the body and how they work alone and in cooperation with other systems. Each lesson provides information that can be immediately applied to every day life, with detailed, step-by-step information for the DIY health enthusiast.


These Health Lessons focus on specific conditions and offer valuable DIY information about how natural medicine can assist the body to better health. From food, sleep, lifestyle, supplements and more, the doctors explain the basics of each condition in simple to understand language and offer strategies for implementing natural medicine at home.


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