Is Colon Hydrotherapy Good for You?

Dear Doctor,

I have a history of digestive problems and I am wondering if colon hydrotherapy would be helpful and if so, how often?

LP, Canada


Dear LP,

The simple answer to the first part of your question is, yes, I often recommend this for people. 

The answer for the second part, how often, depends on the person and their unique situation.

I do not recommend it for everyone – but a few examples of where it would be recommended, again depending on the person’s unique situation, would be:

1) Someone going through a heavy metal detoxification.

2) Someone who has difficulty eliminating completely, but in the course of their individualized. analyses, root causes would have been addressed.

3) Someone with years of a poor diet, poor bowel health, low fiber intake who presents with the type of history in which colonic irrigation is warranted.

4) Once or twice a year for a general cleanse or detox.

And many, many other situations.

There is a wealth of literature to support this therapy and I always encourage people to work with a properly trained and certified colon hydrotherapist.

For a thorough discussion of this therapy please visit this link.

It is really important for me to emphasize that medicine practiced by a Naturopathic Doctor is not cookie-cutter medicine.  This means my answer can not simply be yes I recommend it and that it should be done once a month. Everyone has such a unique and individualized picture for their health journey. But overall, I am a huge supporter of this therapy, when needed and when done correctly. Some people may need this weekly, some monthly and some a few times a year.

Finally, a word from a mainstream doctor just to highlight that it is not only Naturopathic Doctors who encourage this:

Dr. Leonard Smith, MD, of Gainesville, Florida, a board-certified general surgeon by the American College of Surgery, with 25 years practising as a specialist in gastrointestinal surgery states “If medical centers, hospitals, and clinics installed colon hydrotherapy departments, they would find such departments just as efficacious for patients as their present treatment areas which are devoted to physiotherapy.”

Thanks for the question!


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